Worldwide experience combined in lectures, workshops and trips

You can do more than you think is possible. This is what Wim wants to show and teach you through his workshops and expeditions. Wim Hof already showed his techniques all over the world and shared his teachings worldwide. You also have the opportunity to learn more about how to, control your autonomic nervous system, prevent disease, and much more.

Iceman workshops and traveling for individuals

 You can also participate, as an individual, in workshops and tours led by Wim Hof. In addition to a workshop divided into two days, you can also join us on the trip to the Spanish Pyrenees and go for the Monte Perdido challenge! Are you interested in the activities of the Iceman? Find out more about what you can expect during his expeditions and workshops!

Important noteThe workshops which we organize in The Netherlands are always held in the Dutch language unless stated otherwise.

Iceman workshops and tours for companies

Wim Hof has developed workshops that let you travel with colleagues and learn/train to achieve a higher purpose, together. Topics that come up in the workshops and during travel: power, energy, flexibility, peacefulness, resistance, respiration, self-knowledge, mindfulness and focus. 


  • 3-Hour Workshop
  • One Day Workshop
  • Workshop & Record Attempt


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