Challenging workshops for individuals with the Iceman

Workshop by the Iceman

By attending this workshop you can find out more about concentration, breathing and physical techniques. By mastering these techniques you can create a better connection with the nervous system, affect your immune system, prevent disease, create better blood circulation, and improve your concentration and focus. In short: with this technique, you can push your body further than you ever thought possible.

Note: Workshops organised in The Netherlands are always held in Dutch unless stated otherwise

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We can always be contacted by people whom want to organize workshops in the United States, a requirement is to be well experienced in organizing events. In the meanwhile you can learn the Wim Hof Method and put it into practise through our app or the online training.

Challenging workshops for companies

Date and location can always be discussed. 

3-hour workshop

During Wim's explanation about physiology and the state of the spirit, Wim Hof shows how to perform the impossible. After watching a film from the BBC and Discovery Channel, you perform practical exercises to improve your concentration skills.  

1 day workshop

In the 1 day workshop, you’ll understand a more in-depth explanation of the physiological and mental state of the body and mind. In the morning, on an empty stomach we will practice breathing exercises. This will help affect the nervous system. You’ll quickly notice that you can increase your endurance with the same energy. After lunch, you will learn multiple techniques that will give you more output with less input. Wim will also go deeper into the questions: what is concentration and how do you achieve this focus? This will help you understand become even more successful. Through the exercises and techniques, you will learn how to create a nervous system which much more calmer and in balance.

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