Challenging workshops for individuals with the Iceman

Workshop by the Iceman

By attending this workshop you can find out more about concentration, breathing and physical techniques. By mastering these techniques you can create a better connection with the nervous system, affect your immune system, create better blood circulation, and improve your concentration and focus. In short: with this technique, you can push your body further than you thought possible.

Upcoming workshop: At this moment we do not have an English held workshop scheduled. 


Language: English

Workshop program

·         13:00 – 14:30           Part 1 (Introduction and breathing exercise)

·         14:30  – 15:15          Lunch 

·         15:15  – 16:30          Part 2 (Ice bath)

We can always be contacted by people who want to organize workshops in the United States, a requirement is to be well experienced in organizing events. In the meanwhile, you can learn the Wim Hof Method and put it into practice through our app or the online training.

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