The Lost mountain Iceman Experience

Seven days all-inclusive with every day the possibility to go on action.
This will take place in the beautiful, rocky nature of the Spanish Pyrenees and is hosted by Wim Hof and his sons. During the ascent of the Monte Perdido, you will be introduced to the Wim Hof Method, which enables you to get in deeper contact with your body and mind during the various activities, challenging you and getting more out of yourself. Besides of the mind blowing effects you'll see that there is a huge fun factor in it.

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Winter travel in Poland

This year our experienced instructors in the WHM will assist Wim Hof in teaching the method and techniques. Groups are divided into 20 participants and will be guided by one of our certified WHM instructors. There will be various moments where Wim Hof will participate within each group. Wim will take on the group in its whole at the beginning of the day by his guided breathing sessions. Also part of the coldexposure will be led by Wim daily. At the end of the week we will climb the Mt Sniezka under guidance of Wim and celebrate all together at the summit, and when arriving at the centre. This construction has been set up to meet the high demand of people who want to experience the winter travel.

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