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Tuesday 25 October

Dessert Run In Namibia “”Iceman goes heat””

After all the extreme cold endurance exploits of the Iceman in the cold he decided to go the other way around, “”extreme heat on the human body””

Iceman becomes Heatman no, Iceman remains the Iceman but shows that if you can endure in the extreme cold you can endure in extreme heat as well !

After the last marathon in shorts beyond the Polar circle in midwinter he decided he had enough seen in the cold, still doing icy records but simultaneously determined to challenge his physiology in the heat

He had to look for a location and finally came up with the Namibian Dessert the Sossusvlei with the highest dunes of the world and a humidity of less than 5 %, which makes it really dry !

Together with his son Enahm and his old friend Aat den Ouden and the physiologist Thijs Eijsvogels of the UMC St Radboud University they flew to Windhoek (capital of Namibia)

They rented a jeep fully equipped with tents and necessary utensils to go to remote places and  drove down to the Namibian Dessert

Dr Thijs Eijsvogels equipped the Iceman with all kinds of measuring devices to control his core temperature, heart frequency, evaporation and more

Enahm handled the camera points and filming, Aat’s expertise was of moral support and advice

Wim began the run with running but as the run progressed his sandals proved to be a very bad for the run in the dessert, his feet suffered from bloody blisters after twenty kilometers which slowed down the pace drastically

The Iceman did not drink any water as that was a part of the experiment and challenge which resulted in dehydration of the extremities

You could see that as the hands thickened and his feet as well, the blisters were nothing more than injuries because of the stamping weight on his dehydrated feet

He succeeded however in completing a full marathon distance without drinking water and thus the experiment was succesfull, aswell as the Iceman’s completion of his challenge

The first step into the heat is completed and gave inspiration to follow up with a new dessert challenge going into more extreme temperatures coming February in South Africa

The Iceman lost 5,2 Litres of water while doing the run in the dessert but maintained core temperature !

A successful first step in the heat by the Iceman

The team had a great time in Namibia, experiment completed, challenge done

Life is challenging, if you challenge life

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