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Saturday 17 January

Peak of Kilimanjaro within 32 hours

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Wim Hof succeeded to reach peak of Kilimanjaro with a group in record time

A new world record, the fastest group ascending world's highest volcano without acclimatization

‘Iceman’ Wim Hof started his climb to summit (5895 meters) of Kilimanjaro on the 14th of January 2015 with a group of 18 trained people, without any actual climbing experience. He reached the summit, Gilmans point, on the highest mountain in Africa, within 31 hours and 25 minutes. The group walked up to Kibo hut in just shorts and bare torso. The weather had changed at Kibo hut; therefore the group decided to continue with clothing on to reduce the possibility of risk. Doctors think it is impossible, but Wim Hof has proven that altitude sickness can be suppressed in a safe way with the ‘Wim Hof Method’.


It is not the first time that Hof has reached summit of Kilimanjaro. He reached Uhuru Peak in 48 hours on 24-01-2014 with a group of 26 participants.

Wim Hof Method

When the human body exceeds a height of 3000 meters, the risk of altitude sickness will dramatically increase. However, the Wim Hof Method allows the contestant to control altitude sickness. One of the guides did not practice the method and even with being fully acclimatized, he got altitude sickness and had to turn back. The method is characterized by the combination of three components: focus/commitment, breathing, and gradual cold exposure. “More energy, more focus, and general well-being of these are a result of a correct application of the method”, says Hof.

Medical supervision

The temperature at the summit of Kilimanjaro can drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius. It's no surprise that doctors think it is impossible to climb the mountain in shorts and bare torso and even more so within this time span. The biggest danger is altitude sickness due to the lack of oxygen. According to medical scientists, it is impossible to reach the summit at this pace. For this reason, the group was monitored very carefully. Everybody arrived safely.

Wim Hof

Wim Hof was born April 20th, 1959 in the Netherlands. He is known for his notable amount of achievements in extreme cold environments and has 26 world records in his name. He ran a half marathon in his swimming trunks, without shoes, through the Arctic Circle and broke a world record by staying in a container of ice cold water for two hours, without a drop in body temperature.

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