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Saturday 17 January

Peak of Kilimanjaro within 32 hours

Wim Hof reached summit of Kilimanjaro (Gilmans point) within 32 hours with group of 19

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Monday 5 May

Behavioural training reduces inflammation

Dutch celebrity daredevil Wim Hof has endured lengthy ice-water baths, hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts and made his mark in Guinness World Records with his ability to withstand cold. Now he has made a mark on science as well

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Friday 31 January


Using the Wim Hof Method (WHM), a group of 26 people with various backgrounds have been able to bring altitude sickness under control. In 48 hours the group climbed the Kilimanjaro, 5895m of altitude, an achievement considered impossible by experts.

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Monday 28 January

Ice Challenge

Hi Every mind and body.
Yesterday a great succes in achieving a new Guinness World Record. At least 250people had to run barefooted 1 km on the Thialf Ice.

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Monday 17 September

Pyrenees, teachers, Poland center

Many things have happened, the finalizing of the course in the Spanish Pyrenees, a new house in the Polish Mountains, but the far most important matter, the schedule of the scientific research.

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Wednesday 6 June

Iceland with the BBC

Suitcases in the hall, taxi waiting in front of the door, Excitement all over, we are off to Iceland. Not really, just a little backpack and walking toward the station to take a one way ticket to the airport, in this case Schiphol Amsterdam.

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Sunday 22 January

The Iceman in China, a comperative study with Chinese Iceman

I am in to science, results and measurements to prove that we can have control over deeper layers of our physiology. The cardiovascular system for one, connected to the immune system to make it work better.

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Sunday 15 January

The role of Brown adipose with Wim Hof

An investigation at the university of Maastricht (NUTRIM) in cooperation with the Nuclear medicine department (MUMC). Brown adipose is being more and more in the news and there are indications that it plays a role in the prevention as well as treatment toward obesity.

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Wednesday 28 December

Sweden December 2011 Workshop Iceman

Seven people coming together, many languages but all speaking from the heart, the real communication

They call me the Iceman, but in real I am a wiseman without pretention, yet clear

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Tuesday 22 November

New York November 2011, New Guinness World Record Iice Endurance/Bryant Park event

We had a chunk out of the Big Apple, really tasty

Columbia Sportswear invited me to do a Guinness World Record attempt in New York as an anti spokesman in the omni heat campaign

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Monday 31 October

Workshop Santa Monica

California a workshop with loose ends
Three days of developing skills and mutual understanding, lot more to come
Such a nonsentimental love with great progress and subsiding ignorance of conditioned minds

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Tuesday 25 October

Dessert Run In Namibia “”Iceman goes heat””

After all the extreme cold endurance exploits of the Iceman in the cold he decided to go the other way around, “”extreme heat on the human body””

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Friday 13 May

Do U Mind

Together with Psychologist professor I led a symposium on the campus of the Tilburg university department Psychology.

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Saturday 7 May

Orlando Conference

Walt Disney, theme parks, nothing but theme parks, and something else.

Arriving in Orlando directly in a summertime feeling because of the tropical temperature, palm trees, exuberance of palm trees in all kinds of species.

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Tuesday 19 April

Remarkable results in research on “Iceman” Wim Hof

At the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, professor of experimental intensive care medicine dr. Peter Pickkers and his team have performed research on “Iceman” Wim Hof.

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Tuesday 22 March

Mr Degawa in Holland

Degawa is funny, but very intelligent, a professional and nice guy. Mr Degawa gives laughter and emotion for the Japanese audience of twenty million every week, serious matter therefore.

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