Together with Wim Hof and WHM Instructors – Conquering the cold in Poland 

Wim Hof is known nationally and internationally for constantly breaking his records in the cold. Wim has shown what the human body is more capable of once you find the flow within your physical and mental state. Even though the Iceman is constantly seeking to improve his current performance, he loves the challenge to pass on his methods to others in order to give everyone the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Wim Hof Method and to do more than what they thought they were capable of. With the right training and exercises you can make your inner nature stronger.

Winter travel in Poland

The course takes place in a peaceful place in the Giant Mountains of Poland. The course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants within Wim Hof’s methods. Age is not an issue, the only thing that matters is that participants are genuinely interested. You will learn various techniques that have a huge influence on body and mind. Everything will flow. In between the meditation sessions there is time for a walk and contemplation in the beautiful natural surroundings. 

WHM Instructors

This year our experienced instructors in the WHM will assist Wim Hof in teaching the method and techniques. Groups are divided into 20 participants and will be guided by one of our certified WHM instructors. There will be various moments where Wim Hof will participate within each group. Wim will take on the group in its whole at the beginning of the day by his guided breathing sessions. Also part of the coldexposure will be led by Wim daily. At the end of the week we will climb the Mt Sniezka under guidance of Wim and celebrate all together at the summit, and when arriving at the centre. This construction has been set up to meet the high demand of people who want to experience the winter travel. 


During the winter travel the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method will be explained and instructed: cold exposure, breathing exercises and mind-set/focus. This will be done in combination with physical exercises. Under the guidance of Wim Hof, our WHM instructors will explain aspects about the human physiology, the nervous system and the functions of the brain, and will elaborate on aspects within yoga and meditation. What is yoga? What is meditation? What happens within the brain during meditation? What are our blockades and limitations and how do we get rid of those? 

You will be taught various physical exercises and breathing exercises which will improve your energy flow and which will be shown to be an active tool to gain deeper awareness. These exercises will also help get the body flexible and enable your mind to concentrate in a more focused manner. The most vital exercises will train the spirit, the nervous system, immune system and the cardiovascular system.

Whilst having gained this awareness, this will help you to find your connection between body and mind as a whole. In this way, you can direct attention to certain body parts which is a crucial part of your training during this experience. Using this approach, you can influence and change parts within yourself. By practicing regularly, you will learn how to steer the body just by using the mind. Panta Rhei! Or, everything flows!

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